In addition to our locally manufactured range of PVC & PE pipes and ducts that secure conveyance of liquids and cables (Telecom & Electric), we also offer the following pipes and fittings:

Compact UPVC and MPVC pipes and associated fittings for potable water distribution, irrigation, drainage, gravity, sewerage, electrical and telecommunication ducts from our partner DPI Plastics Ltd in South Africa.

Ductile iron pipes, valves and fittings.

Other pipeline accessories and equipment.

We are also the exclusive sales distributor of GEORG FISHER Piping Systems from Switzerland for compression, electro fusion fittings, instrumentation etc

Download conduit pipes brochure 1 Download conduit pipes brochure 2

HDPE Pipes

PN 10 - 20 mm to 200 mm PN 16 - 20 mm to 160 mm

Isorange Roll

Isorage conduit with draw line - 20 mm to 40 mm

Sewer Pipes

Terracotta SN4 - 110 mm to 315 mm Terracotta SN8 - 110 mm ...

Telecom Conduit

White Conduit - 20 mm to 110 mm

UPVC Pressure Pipes

PN 6 - 40 mm to 315 mm PN 10 - 40 mm to 250 mm PN 16 - 20 ...



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